here you can find some useful and time saving scripts and pieces of code.

add images to joomla3 newsflash mod :

just after the foreach loop, paste this line:
<?php $images = json_decode($item->images); ?>

<img src="/<?php echo json_decode($item->images)->image_intro; ?>"/>

add this to h or v override


PHP - URL based content


{codecitation} something //this part takes fourth value from array and displays corresponding content defined here below something else {/codecitation}


How to reorder MySQL table columns in MySQL databases


ALTER table `table_name`
MODIFY COLUMN `column_name` your_data_type
AFTER `other_column_name`









Show / Hide based on selected option



    $('#Netkodrugi_field, .Netkodrugi').hide();
        if($(this).val() == 'netkodrugi'){
        $('#Netkodrugi_field, .Netkodrugi').show();
        else {  $('#Netkodrugi_field, .Netkodrugi').hide();}







Cron Job Starts